Support Women
Housing Insecurity

Join and follow Deborah Cox's "Beautiful U R" Initiative to bring care packages to
women in shelters and transitional housing

Gender-based violence has become a pandemic in Canada.

Women are at greater risk of intimate partner violence and vulnerability when facing housing insecurity. They face unique challenges including increased risks of physical, emotional, and psychological harm. Shelters for women offer temporary refuge from violence and transitional housing to support their next steps.

women in Canada seek refuge in emergency shelters, on any given night, because it isn’t safe at home
of families using emergency shelters are headed by single women
increase in reported incidents of gender-based violence during COVID
of single mothers in Canada, raise their children in poverty

Deborah Cox
for a service day supporting women in Toronto.

In celebration of the recently proclaimed Deborah Cox Day in the City of Toronto, Révolutionnaire Ambassador Deborah will launch a series of service initiatives. 

The first, titled BEAUTIFUL U R, will take place on Sunday, March 5 2023, with a mission to assemble and distribute 500 care packages to women in Toronto shelters, and raise awareness about the distinct challenges facing women experiencing housing insecurity.


Thank You To Our Sponsors

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors whose generosity has made this important initiative possible.  

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