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Révolutionnaire is a movement to inspire, empower, and catalyze change.

Révolutionnaire leverages content, commerce, community, and consulting services to help individuals, community organizations and corporations turn their aspirations into actions that drive social change.

  • Original Video Series
  • Co-branded Productions 
  • Bespoke Campaigns
  • Content Writing
  • Global Community of Changemakers
  • Digital Resources
  • Action Days
  • Campus Activations
  • Rév Core Collection
  • Apparel, Accessories and Cosmetics
  • Product Collaborations
  • Inclusive Shades and Sizes
  • Corporate Social Justice
  • Campaign Development 
  • Project Implementation
  • Co-branded Partnerships

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Dreams Fuel


Révolutionnaire began with co-founder Nia Faith’s dream to revolutionize the dance world through dance apparel with inclusive colorways. Inspired by their impact within the dance industry and passion for social change, Nia, alongside her sister and co-founder, Justice, made it their mission to build Révolutionnaire into a platform to address a range of social justice issues.
Celebrate diversity and empower individuals to use their dreams to fuel revolutions through content, community and commerce.

A future where all young people with a dream of making their communities or world a better place, have access to the network, tools, and information they need to scale their impact across causes.

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This is a movement to celebrate diversity and empower individuals to use their dreams to fuel revolutions.