Content Development

We believe in the power of storytelling to help drive social change

Our content development services focus on using video as the primary tool to amplify the stories of changemakers, community leaders, and advocates.

We highlight their achievements, amplify their messages, and inspire a new generation of leaders to join the cause. Our goal is to use video production and captivating storytelling to create content that is not only informative but also inspiring, engaging, and impactful. Discover the stories behind the change, or tell your own.

Be Revolutionary
A new original series featuring Canadian icons and the organizations they support to call on Canadians across the country to reflect on how we can all make a difference, big or small.
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How are you shaping the future?

A Révolutionnaire short-form series featuring young changemakers around the world making a difference on campus and in their communities.
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Take Action with
Iman and Lethan

An interactive Révolutionnaire series with the co-hosts introduces viewers to organizations driving grassroots change and a call to action with tangible ways for viewers to get involved.
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Meet A Revolutionary

A video series in collaboration with Roots to highlight Canadian changemakers, what inspires them and encourages viewers to support their causes. The goal of the series is to amplify the voices and platforms of young changemakers and inspire others to make a difference within their communities.
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How did you
make someone smile?

A video series in to promote  accessible ways to make a difference by highlighting small acts of kindness and amplifying how young people improve the lives of others through daily actions
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