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Donate: Canadian Feed The Children

1 in 8 Canadian households face food insecurity. This represents 4.4 million Canadians who face constant food insecurity. Nonetheless, since this report came out before the first official Coronavirus lockdown, the various effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have accelerated the above figures.  Canadian Feed The Children is a Canadian charity that has implemented food security…

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Lending and Mortgage Discrimination

What is lending and mortgage discrimination?  Lending discrimination is the practice of judging an individual’s loan application on factors such as race, sex, religion, or origin to determine their creditworthiness. As a structural practice, lending discrimination primarily targets BIPOC by placing them in high-risk financial situations or denying their application regardless of their credit score.…

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Food Loss vs. Food Waste

What is Food Loss vs. Food Waste?  Food Loss is the discarding of edible foods at the production, processing, and distribution. (FoodPrint, 2021). Alternatively, food waste is the discarding of edible food at the retail sector and consumer level. This includes grocery stores, the hospitality sector, and individual consumer use (FoodPrint, 2021).  Why does Food…

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